Building the Titanic

Titanic under construction.

Above: Titanic under construction.

220 - the height of the gantry built over the two ships (RMS Titanic and her slightly smaller sister, Olympic), in feet - fittingly the largest gantry in the world at that time.

3 - the number of years it took to build the RMS Titanic.

$7,500,000 - the cost of building the Titanic (£1.5 million).

3,000 - the approximate number of men employed in the construction of the Titanic, around 20% of the Harland & Wolff workforce.

8 - the number of construction workers killed during the build - keel laying to launch (there was an unwritten expectation in shipyards at the time of 'one death for every £100,000 spent, so at a build cost of £1.5, the Titanic's toll was less than the 15 deaths that might have been expected).

Building the Titanic at the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast.

Above: Building the Titanic at the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast.

3,000,000 - the number of rivets used in the construction of the hull, a mix of iron and steel.

200 - the number of rivets that a 4 man riveting crew could complete per day (assuming dry weather conditions).

15,000 - the number of days work this rate of riveting would have represented for a 4 man crew.

20 - the number of horses needed to transport the main anchor.

401 - the yard number within which the Titanic was built, at the Hartland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast.

14,000 - the number of men employed at the Harland & Wolff shipyard.

49 - the average hours worked per week at the shipyard.

£2 - the weekly wage of a Harland & Wolff construction worker.

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