How Big Was the Titanic?

A view giving a sense of the size of the Titanic.

Above: This view gives a sense of the enormous size of the Titanic.

883 - the approximate length of the Titanic, in feet and inches. To be precise, 882 feet 9 inches (269.1 metres).

92 - her width in feet (28 metres).

175 - the height, in feet, measured from the top of the funnels to the keel (53.3 metres).

1,328 - the difference in tonnage between Titanic and her sister ship Olympic (resulting from the increased size of her deck houses and other external additions).

92 x 114 - the dimensions, in feet (width x length), of the largest room on the ship, the first class dining saloon on deck D.

1,116 - the number of portholes (also called 'sidelights') in Titanic's hull.

419 - the combined number of windows in the hull and deckhouses.

100 - the weight of the rudder of the Titanic, in tons.

17' - the span of the central propeller, in feet.

23'6" - the span of each of the two outer propellers, in feet and inches.

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