Life On The Titanic

$4,350 - the cost of a First Class passage on the RMS Titanic (£875).

$1,750 - the cost of a Standard Class passage.

$30 - the cost of a Third class passage.

10 - number of Titanic passengers the largest third class cabin accommodated.

164 - number accommodated in the largest third class dormitory (deck G).

2 - the number of seasickness cures available on board (beef tea or smelling salts).

$6,000,000 - the estimated value of the cash, bonds and jewellery carried by Titanic's passengers.


4 - restaurants.

550 - the number of diners the first class dining saloon could cater for at any one time (18 more than the Olympic's 532).

6 - the number of places at the Captain's Table.

30' x 14' - the dimensions of the swimming pool on deck F (length x width).

1s - the cost of using the swimming pool (shillings).

4s - the cost of using the Turkish and electric baths on deck F (shillings).

2 - barber shops.

2 - libraries.

3 - galleys.

1 - fully equipped gymnasium.

1 - fully equipped photographic darkroom.

250 + - the number of Marconi telegrams sent by passengers during the voyage.

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