Titanic Survivors

706 - the total number of Titanic survivors (passengers and crew).

31.6 - the percentage of people (passengers and crew) who survived.

53.4 - the total percentage who could have survived, given the number of spaces available on the Titanic lifeboats.

Survivors of the Titanic - Passengers

492 - the number of Titanic passengers who survived.

37 - the percentage of passengers who survived.

61 - the percentage of First Class passengers who survived.

42 - the percentage of Standard Class passengers who survived.

24 - the percentage of Third Class passengers who survived.

2 - dogs who survived (both were lapdogs taken onto lifeboats by their owners).

20 - the percentage of male passengers who survived.

75 - the percentage of female passengers who survived.

Survivors of the Titanic - Crew

214 - the number of Titanic crew members who survived.

24 - the percentage of crew members who survived.

22 - the percentage of male crew members who survived.

87 - the percentage of female crew members who survived.

50 - the percentage of Navigation Officers who survived (4 out of 8).

0 - the percentage of Engineering Officers who survived (all 25 perished, bravely working to keep the ship afloat for as long as possible).

100 - the percentage of lookouts who survived.

242154 - the ticket number of an anonymous passenger who received a full refund prior to departure and is assumed not to have sailed.

Support provided to those who survived the Titanic

£413,000 - approximate amount raised for the survivors by the official Titanic Relief Fund.

£20,000,000 - approximate equivalent value of the fund in today's terms.

1959 - the year the Titanic Relief Fund was wound up (the balance was transferred into annuities or to the Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners' Royal Benevolent Society).

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