The Titanic Wreck | Titanic Underwater

If you look in your dictionary you will find: Titans - A race of people vainly striving to overcome the forces of nature. Could anything be more unfortunate than such a name, anything more significant?

- Arthur Rostron, Captain of the rescue ship Carpathia, in 'Home From The Sea', 1931

2.4 - the approximate depth at which the wreck of the RMS Titanic lays underwater, in miles (3.75 kilometres, or 12,600 feet).

15 - the approximate time, in minutes, that the Titanic took to reach the ocean floor, sinking at a speed of around 10 mph (16 km/h).

400 - the water pressure at the ocean floor where the Titanic came to rest, measured in atmospheres.

Official site of the NOAA Titanic Expedition 2004.

220 to 245 - the estimated length, in feet, of the gash caused by the collision (minimum to maximum length).

12 - the actual estimated size of the opening, in cubic feet.

1,970 - the gap between the wrecked bow and the stern, in feet (600 metres).

60 - the distance into the sea bed that the bow penetrated, in feet (18 metres).

6,000 - the approximate number of artifacts that have been recovered from the shipwreck to date.

1,000 - the approximate number of acres of sea bed over which Titanic debris is strewn.

74 - the number of years after the Titanic sank before the wreck site was discovered.

28 July 2001 - the date on which New York couple David Liebowitz and Kimberley Miller married aboard the wreckage of the Titanic, using one of the submersibles used in the making of the Titanic movie released in 1997.

14 April 2012 - 100 years after she sank, the date on which the Titanic became a UNESCO underwater cultural heritage site.

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